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Testimonials: Testimonials

"Rebecca is such a gem. She teaches my daughter and me and recently we have been singing duets! My daughter is seven and I have never seen her so confident singing. Rebecca is amazing with children and adults. I was so breathy before coming to Rebecca and my voice is much crisper now. She is just amazing!"

Hillary B.

"I sought a voice coach because although I love to sing, I was always very shy. Rebecca was pivotal in my early development as she offered a positive and judgment-free environment where I was able to overcome barriers. Comparing my voice now to what it was before I can notice how it got stronger and how I can reach wider ranges now."

Bernie B.

"I’ve been taking lessons with Rebecca for almost a year and she is an incredible teacher! My high notes and low notes are so much more powerful and it gave me more confidence. I no longer have vocal tension and squeeze on the high notes like I used to. I would highly recommend her as a teacher, whether you want to practice for a show or just improve your voice!"

Tetiana G.

"I love her! I was so afraid to sing in front of people, she is so open-minded and friendly and encouraged me to get myself out there and sing in front of other people. Her techniques is very flexible, I was able to follow her instruction very well."

Former Student

"I have known Rebecca for five years. She is a dedicated teacher, sincere friend, and a fabulous vocalist. She was so patient and kind when she teaches. Her instruction is very clear and easy to follow. She knows that I came from a very different musical background, and she was able to meet me where I was and helped me throughout my journey."

Former Student

"I have heard Rebecca sing. She sounds like an angel! She is a very competent vocalist. I have also seen Rebbeca teach and she is a very kind and patient teacher with a vast knowledge of voice technique."

Former Colleague

"Rebecca is an earth angel. She teaches me how to get in alignment with singing. She has many years experience in music and I can trust everything she's giving rather than trying to learn everything by myself. Now I gained enough confidence to sing on front of others."

Former Student

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