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For Kids!

Image by Felix Koutchinski

For Kids that Just Wanna Have Fun!

Want to sing Disney, or pop or musical theatre? Or maybe rock and roll? Or how about _____ (insert style of your choice)? Then you're in the right place! We'll do silly vocal exercises to make your voice big and strong and flexible. We can even put on some fun costumes and use our imaginations to express big emotions in the songs you'll sing. I'm so excited to begin your singing journey with you!

For the Big Kids

Want to land that part in the school musical? Need help developing your style? Want to sing better in chorus or rock band? Or maybe you're having some difficulties with singing and want some help? Well then you're in the right place too! Read more if you're having vocal difficulties, maybe you will be able to relate to my story below.

Children Singing in a Choir

My Story: The Crackin'

The Kraken is a sea monster but it's also that funny noise you might make when transitioning from low to high and even from high to low. When I was young I had a lot of difficulty making this transition guessed it...the crackin'! As I got older this major cracking went away, but if I could teach my younger self now I would not have had this problem for as long as I did. The secret is this: cracking is actually good for your voice. I know right what a surprise! The more you crack in your vocal warm-ups, the less you will crack in your songs. It takes some time, especially for the boys, but no worries I can help you get through this.

For Kids: News
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