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What I Offer to Learning Disabled Students

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For Students

Children Singing in a Choir

I am here as a support or even as a resource to help you manage whatever learning difference you are dealing with. I have ADHD and have worked with children with ADHD. I understand how it can be both a blessing and nuisance. ADHD can be an imaginative force and also a burden when it comes to accomplishing all the creative goals you have set forth for yourself. For those of you who are struggling and looking for reassurance: it is not a character flaw to have a learning disability, it is just a difference that can be managed with kindness, patience, and support. I am here to be that support and can provide organizational tools to help you accomplish your singing and life goals. At the bottom of this webpage, I have listed some resources to help with learning disabilities.

For Parents

Family Video Call

Dear Parents, I am also here to support you and your child by providing a structured environment in a musical setting. Having a child with a disability can be a challenge at times for both you and your child. It can also be a challenge because not everyone can understand what you and your child are going through. I admire your willingness to come here to seek help from a professional music instructor. I specialize in teaching singing to children with ADHD but I am also excited to help with whatever learning differences your child may face. It is my job to help your child build the skills and confidence they will need to succeed in the world. Below are some resources I have provided to help you and your child.

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